Death Registration Processes

Certificate of Death

Death Registration on Demand
Death Certificates on Demand (for those that do not have birth certificates and would like to acquire one)

  • Applicant/informant could be relative to the deceased or anybody present at death
  • Applicant/informant should complete NR10 (Death Report Form)
  • Attach Hospital Death Notification to NR10 if available, or Village Headman and Senior member of the village or Religious leader, where death occurred, should verify particulars of deceased by signing on NR10
  • Applicant/informant to submit Form NR10 form to District Registration office
  • District Registration office to check for completeness and Issue Acknowledgment
  • Certificate shall be issued after 10 days
Registration of a death of a foreigner
Death Registration Processes (Late Registration)


  • National Registration Bureau,
  • Ministry of Homeland Security,
  • Private Bag B318,
  • Capital City,
  • Lilongwe 3,
  • Malawi.
  • Telephone: (+265-1-776-234)
  • Email:

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