National Identity Registration Processes

National Identity Registration Processes

Application for National ID
NOTE: Only Malawian citizens of 16 years and above are eligible to apply

  • Applicant shall fill NR1 Form to apply for national ID
  • Applicant shall prove to be a citizen of Malawi by either providing:
  • a copy of Certificate of Birth; or
  • two witnesses with national IDs; or
  • Applicant shall provide prescribed particulars needed for registration such as biodata, fingerprints and photograph
  • For Malawian Citizen by naturalization or registration, attach a copy to the application
  • Card shall be issued after 30 days
  • NOTE: Clients are not supposed to pay extra fees to District Councils for all NRB Services
Application for Resident Foreigner ID
Application for Resident Foreigner ID
Application for National ID & Resident Foreigner ID - Late Registration


  • National Registration Bureau,
  • Ministry of Homeland Security,
  • Private Bag B318,
  • Capital City,
  • Lilongwe 3,
  • Malawi.
  • Telephone: (+265-1-776-234)
  • Email:

Our Partners

  • Elizabeth Graiser and Pediatrics
  • Centre for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Community of Saint Egidio
  • Plan Malawi
  • UNDP


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