• Registration for Bona Fide Malawians & Non-Malawians Open or Close

    For Bona Fide Malawians & Non-Malawians;

    a.    An applicant for registration in the National Register shall apply to the District Registrar.

    b.    An application for national registration shall be in Form NR1 for Malawian Citizens and Form NR2 for Non-Malawian citizens.

    c.    Every application for registration in the National register shall contain all the particulars required by the Act.

    d.    If the Applicant is a non-Malawian Citizen or is a Malawian Citizen by naturalization or registration he/she shall send the application to the Chief Executive of the nearest  City Council.

    e.    City Council Chief Executives are designated as District Registrars for non-Malawian citizens and citizens by naturalization or by registration.


  • Particulars Needed to Accompany an Application Open or Close

    They are particulars that need to accompany your application;

     a.     Every application for registration in the National register shall be accompanied by prescribed particulars.

     b.    Any late application shall in addition to prescribed particulars also be accompanied by a prescribed fee for late application which shall be deposited in the Consolidated  Fund and a general Receipt issued.

  • Verification of Particulars Open or Close

    The Application Form and the particulars shall be signed by the Applicant and witnessed and/or verified by the following people:

    a.      In the case of a citizen of Malawi the village headman and one Senior Member of the village where the Applicant hails from. The Village Headman should quote the registration number of the applicant’s registration in the Village Register.

    b.      In the case of an Applicant who was an exposed child before attaining the age of 16 the Social Welfare Officer of the District in which the applicant was found exposed  and a letter from such Social Welfare Officer supporting the application shall accompany the application.

    c.      In the case of an adopted child where one or both adopting parents are Malawian Citizens a Village Headman and a Senior Member of the Village where the adopting  parent or parents hail from and a certified copy of the Adoption Order shall accompany the application;

    d.      In the case of an adopted child whose adopting parents are non-Malawians certified copies of the Adoption Order plus the relevant immigration permit of the adopting  parents authorizing their stay in Malawi shall accompany their application;

    e.      In the case of non-Malawian citizens certified copies of the relevant Permanent Residence Permit, or Business Residence Permit or Temporary Employment Permit shall accompany the application provided that dependants of the holder of a Business Resident Permit, Permanent Residence Permit or Temporary Employment Permits shall use the said permits in their application for an identity card but must provide certified proof of their dependency to the said holder of those permits such as marriage certificate  or birth certificate or adoption order plus  copy of passports.

    f.      In the case of Malawian citizens who are naturalized citizens or citizens by registration in accordance with the Malawi Citizenship Act certified copies of their passports  and Malawi citizenship Registration Certificate shall accompany the application; Provided that dependants of such citizen shall use the said passport and certificate in their application but must provide proof of dependency to said holder such as marriage certificate or birth certificate or adoption order plus certified copies of passports.

    g.      Where the dependant in h(6) above is a holder of a foreign passport he/she shall be treated as a non-Malawian citizen and must comply with h(5) above.

  • Photographs Open or Close


     a.      Every person who has attained the age of 16 years will be required to present himself or herself to the District registrar or any Authorized Person to have his/her  photograph taken when:

     (1)     he/she applies for an identity card in terms of the Act; or

     (2)     his/her identity document is required to be replaced in terms of the Act.


     b.      Every person who has attained the age of 16 years shall, when he/she applies for an identity card, have his/her fingerprints and palm prints taken.

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